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Introducing Remote PD – Credit Assessment on Video

Updated: Dec 21, 2021

Read to know how we created a one-of-its-kind credit assessment platform for NBFCs and HFCs during the lockdown.

The lockdown opened up several opportunities for everyone. At Synoriq, we developed SynoVid – the video call center solution for enterprises. SynoVid was created within 6 weeks during the lockdown. We were also blessed to pilot SynoVid for the customer support team at Aavas Financiers.

The use cases for SynoVid are endless. SynoVid can be used anywhere where there’s no real requirement of a face-to-face meeting. And, that is when we thought of creating Remote Personal Discussion (PD). It is one of its kind platform that enables credit managers at finance companies to conduct a personal round of discussion for credit assessment over a video call.

Features of Remote PD

  1. Credit assessment: Credit managers can connect with applicants over the video calls. They can then ask the applicants to show them their home, workplace over video. Simultaneously, the credit managers can fill in the credit assessment form in SynoCRM. The assessment form includes templates, deviations, detailed loan and applicants information, and much more.

  2. Access to video recordings and photos: On the click of a button, credit managers can capture screenshots and maintain them for audit purposes.

  3. Invite Applicants: Credit managers can invite applicants either individually or using bulk select. They can choose the start time, end time, and approximate duration of each video call. SMS and WhatsApp communication are sent to the applicants with the meeting link.

  4. Landing Page for Applicants: As the applicants receive the communication for Remote PD, they are directed to a landing page where they can join the video call or even reschedule or cancel the video call citing their reasons.

  5. Integrations: Remote PD can be integrated with your existing CRM solution or LOS.

  6. Cross-platform: Remote PD can be used on the web, mobile, or even a tablet device.

Want to schedule a free demo of Remote PD?

Visit here, and schedule a meeting time with Synoriq experts.

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