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MSME Loans


  • MSME has been an underserved market in India

  • Micro LAP are mortgage loans for MSME typically in ticket size of Rs 3 to 10 lakh to customers who do not have documented  income profile

  • Many NBFCs have become large in this product segment for e.g. Finova Capital, Five Star, Vistaar etc

  • Running this product requires setting up of a branch network and sourcing is primarily through fleet on street. Hence this product is high on operating costs and being human driven poses operational risks

  • Synoriq lending suite for Micro-LAP can help you achieve the following

    • Maximize the automation in the offline loan origination process - resulting in faster TAT, lesser cancellations and hence better productivity

    • Achieve much better control on the operations providing you the desired comfort for scaling the operations

  • Synoriq lending suite for Micro-LAP offers following software modules

    • Mobile app for field sales team

    • Mobile app for field credit team

    • LOS

    • LMS

    • Collections

Trusted Among Industry Leaders

Highlights of the Micro-LAP Suite

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Aript Gupta
CTO Finova Capital

We have been associated with Synoriq for the past 3 years. Their customer centricity and support are worth the appreciation. Disbursement processes become smooth and cancellations have reduced due to transparent processes. Thanks to Synoriq for also incorporating our inputs in the product. Their constant striving for improvement is quite visible in the whole team.

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Sushanta Tripathi 
CBO - Spandana Sphoorty

I was on a tour with my credit manager. My credit manager reached the customer's place and he did not carry any notebook or pen. He simply opened the Synoriq mobile PD app and started jotting down the PD responses. Truly amazed to see a complete paperless experience in Micro-LAP kind of product


Amit Ranjan 

With Synoriq, our sourcing operations are quite automated. After getting the technology implemented, we are able to see much greater control in scaling our operations. App solution is easy to operate for the field sales officer. Sanction letters, loan agreements and other documents are automatically filled and can be printed. Overall a good solution and experience.



  • Sales app

    • Lead management

      • Meeting setup

    • Digital Application Form

      • IMD Collection

      • Integration with 10+ third-party APIs

      • E-KYC -Online validation of Aadhaar, PAN, Voter ID, Electricity bills. Auto generation of KYC report with percentage match 

      • Co-Applicant / Guarantor - add multiple co-applicants, guarantor - follow the same KYC process for everyone

      • Non-Individuals - Capture non-individuals

      • Udyam aadhaar capture

      • Bank statement / GST / ITR analysis

      • Property details and pictures including geo-location

      • Document Upload

      • Watermarking for OSV compliance

    • Performance management

      • App Dashboard

      • Performance Tracking


  • Credit app

    • Make changes to application form in the field - add co-applicant / swap applicants

    • PD Audio recording

    • Bureau hit through API

    • Assets detail

    • Banking details - statement analysis

    • Obligation details and monthly expenditure

    • Pending Documents

    • Capture reference

    • Photo / Video / Geo locations capturing of  home and shop, applicant /co-applicant

    • Income assessment based on 50+ templates for non-income proof customers

  • LOS

    • Application form review - validation by central ops team before approving the login

    • Dedupe check based on multiple parameters. Dedupe works on internal, external and LMS.

    • BRE - auto check for Go / NoGo and also rule based pricing

    • Timestamp of every touchpoint - TAT management

    • Vendor management - Technical / legal vendor web based login for report upload

    • Deviation management

    • Sanctioning

    • Sanctioning/recommendation authority based on approval matrix based on parameters, product and loan amount

    • OTC/PDD/LOD management

    • Disbursement maker / checker

    • Handling of part-payment, full payment, tranches, broken period calculations

    • Auto posting of pre-defined charges

    • Query management - real time coordination with the field team

    • System auto generation of CIBIL post 90 days

    • Cancellation with rebook functionality

    • Complete removal of email based approvals

    • Communication on each stage - auto triggering of email to internal stakeholders and customers

    • Custom forms

  • LMS

    • NPA Management

      • Asset Classification

        • Once an NPA, will remain an NPA till the time it is regularized i.e. if 3 installments are pending and then 1 is paid post NPA - it does not change the asset classification

        • Bucketing requirements - SMA-0, SMA-1, SMA-2, Substandard-I, Substandard-II, Doubtful-I, Doubtful-II, Doubtful-III, Writeoff

        • DPD posting on daily basis

        • Asset classification based on ageing and not on DPD only

      • Interest accrual

        • Post NPA, interest accrual should be posted in suspended interested account which is a memo account

        • Post regularization, the same needs to be auto moved to Interest Accrual account

      • Provisioning

        • Provisioning norms for LAP are different from MFI

        • SynoFin does automatic posting of provision entries

      • Linked Loans

        • Asset classification should be by customer and not by loan

        • If one customer turns NPA then all its loan should be marked NPA 

    • Repayment management

      • Ability to manage Pre-EMI in case of tranche disbursements

      • Ability to generate repayment schedule as Actual / 365 but calculate EMI as per 30/360 calculations

      • NACH and PDC management

        • Detailed entry of PDC and SPDC

        • Handling of presentation process along with accounting for  in-process transactions

        • Managing of bounces

      • Split repayment from multiple co-applicants - multi-NACH

      • Holding EMI presentation

      • BBPS integrations

    • Charges management

      • Accrual accounting for loan but cash based accounting for charges - charges hit the ledger only when they are paid by the customer

      • IMD management - initial accounting against application and then auto movement of IMD against loan account on successful loan disbursement

      • Auto posting of bounce charges on receipt bounce

      • Auto computation of charges on foreclosure

      • Auto computation and posting of charges

      • Granular control on receipt allocation regarding which charge / receivable to knock-off

    • Collateral management

      • Collateral dedupe

      • CERSAI reporting

      • LTV

      • Top up loan on the same collateral

    • Rescheduling

      • Part payment - change in EMI amount or change in Tenor both supported

      • Rich rescheduling capabilities - Installment change, part payment, rate change, tenure change, due date change, moratorium

    • Restructuring management

    • Tranche disbursement

      • Only interest or principal+interest configurations

    • Advance EMI management

      • 3 different modes of advance EMI

    • Knock-offs 

      • Auto knock-off through excess money

      • Receivable to payable knock-off

      • Receivable to receivable knock-off - useful in loan cancellation

    • Reversals

      • Knockoff

    • Accounting

      • Separate interest and principal accounting

      • IndAS accounting compliant

      • GST Invoicing

      • IRR computations

      • PSL details management

      • Handling of accounting asset classification wise

    • System Generated Documents

      • Statement of Account

      • Welcome letter

      • Foreclosure letter

      • NOC (with blocking/unblocking)

      • Rescheduling letter

      • Received LOD

    • Insurance management

      • LAP is often lent with an insurance cover for the loan amount

    • EOD/EOM Management

      • Daily interest accrual

      • Daily LPI accrual

      • Daily DPD posting

      • Daily asset classification change

      • Installment billing

      • Monthly provisioning and provisioning reversal

      • Knockoff

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