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Loan Management System

SynoFin Loan Management System is a comprehensive software solution designed to streamline and automate loan processing and management tasks for financial institutions such as banks, NBFC, credit unions, and other lending organizations. This powerful system is built to enhance operational efficiency, reduce manual errors, and provide a seamless experience for both lenders and borrowers throughout the loan lifecycle.

Glimpses of LMS functionality

SynoFin LMS offers a wide array of products and schemes, with the flexibility to create custom loan products tailored to your institution's specific requirements with product specific data fields. Through the intuitive admin panel, users can define new loan products/schemes and configure various parameters to suit their lending needs. The system supports the following products out of the box:

#1 Term Loans

Loan Against Property, Home Loans, Vehicle Loans, Personal Loans , Business Loans, Education Loan.

#2 Supply Chain Finance (SCF)

Support for efficient management of supply chain finance for businesses, ensuring smooth operations between suppliers, manufacturers, and distributors.

a.) Invoice Discounting: SynoFin LMS facilitates invoice discounting, enabling businesses to raise immediate funds by selling their accounts receivable (invoices) to financial institutions at a discounted rate. This feature allows businesses to unlock tied-up cash and bridge the gap between invoice generation and actual payment receipt.

b.) PO (Purchase Order) Discounting: Our LMS extends support for PO discounting, providing businesses with the flexibility to secure working capital financing by leveraging their confirmed purchase orders. By availing early funding against purchase orders, businesses can fulfill orders promptly and sustain a smooth supply chain cycle.

#3 Gold Loans

Comprehensive support for lending against gold assets, enabling institutions to manage gold-backed loans efficiently. SynoFin LMS offers added functionality to value the collateral jewelry separately, empowering customers to take back specific jewelry items through part payments.

#4 Credit Line / Dropline OD

Capability to offer credit lines and dropline overdraft facilities, providing customers with flexible borrowing options.

#5 Buy Now Pay Later(BNPL) Loans

Cutting-edge support for BNPL loans, catering to the evolving needs of modern consumers in managing their purchases.

any product can be configured . . .

With SynoFin LMS's ability to create and configure new loan products and schemes, your institution can adapt to changing market demands, launch innovative lending solutions, and cater to diverse customer segments effectively. Whether it's traditional term loans or emerging financial products, our LMS empowers you to stay ahead in the competitive lending landscape.

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Support 10+ Lines of Business

our system for every department of your financial Institution
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Personal Loan

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Vehicle Loan

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Home Loan

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Education Loan

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Loan Against Property

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Gold Loan

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Equipment Financing

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Flexi Loan

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Commercial Vehicle 

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Supply Chain Financing

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Working Capital Loan

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Buy Now Pay Later

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Credit Card