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Integration First Core Lending Software

Built For Scale

Synoriq provides a powerful loan management engine and other pre-integrated peripheral solutions around it

Scalability and Security
10+ Peripheral Applications
Hassle Free Migration 

Trusted Among Industry Leaders

Growth catalyst for the lenders

Experience control with SynoFin Suite, allowing you to grow at a full speed.
Customers using SynoFin experience average AUM growth of 60% annually

6000 Cr.

AUM Managed


Active Users



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Migrations? No worries, we have got you covered with our hassle free migration service

Why are so many lenders migrating to Synoriq from their legacy systems?

Lack of regulatory compliance

Issues with accounting

Exorbitant costs

Lack of support

Rolling out a new loan product is nightmare

Lack of APIs

Business loss due to system performance issues

Difficulty in maintaining in-house system

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Unleashing the Future of Finance with Our Cutting-Edge Offerings

We offer solutions for every team of your financial institution

Synoriq loan management engine (LMS)

It's the heart of any lending system


Term Loans

Credit Lines

Supply Chain Finance

Dropline Overdraft

Ballon Loans


Integrated LOS+LMS solutions with loan product specific nuances

​Software modules

Mobile app for credit officer

Mobile app for sales officer

Integrated with 100+ APIs for KYC, Bank Analysis, GST

LOS - Loan Origination System

Covers nuances of the specific loan products 

Supply Chain Finance

Digital lending

Vehicle (Two wheeler, LCV, HCV, EV and Others)​

Loan Against Property


10+ peripheral apps to automate your ops

Collection mobile app

Lead management (CRM)

Service Management (CRM)

Customer mobile app and web

Business rules engine


Yard management system

Vendor management system

Communication management

Insights - business intelligence and dashboards

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Whats your use-case?

Focus on innovation in customer acquisition - leave the boring loan management to us


Setting up a new NBFC?

 -looking for an end-to-end NBFC software with complete digital journey

Looking for a replacement?

 -Already have an LMS system, but the current LMS system is unable to support future growth

Looking for a co-lending solution?


Sourcing the customers and have partner NBFCs to fund? 

 -need an API First LMS system to manage the loan lifecycle with a view for partner NBFCs to view their loans

Looking for replacement of in-house / open-source LMS?

 -Our in-house LMS system is difficult to maintain and update - we are looking for a managed loan management SaaS


Launch a new loan product?

 -For e.g. Daily EMI, Supply Chain Finance, Agri-loans, Co-lending, securitization etc

Core-banking system EOD is taking long, better to move out loan management out of CBS to LMS?

Replace your existing LMS? 

- For multiple reasons

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Open lending stack

Use Synoriq applications or bring your own peripheral application and connect through Synoriq API Box

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Want to Check Our APIs

We have 100+ APIs with rich documentation.

Data security at the heart of the system design

2FA Authentication

Audit trail on file download

Rich access controls

International security certification 

What is so special about our Loan Management Engine?

It's the heart of any lending system

Read more

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Why do all teams love us?

Relieve Your Team's Burden - Our Support Ensures Smooth Sailing for All


Business Team

  • Launch new products faster

  • Built-in industry nuances

  • Faster onboarding with digital processes

  • Better control with real-time MIS

  • No more emails for approvals


Accounts and Financ Team

  • Perfect Calculations and Numbers all the times


Compliance Teams

  • 100% Regulatory Compliance


Technology  Team

  • Secure and scalable

  • API first with rich API documentation

  • Server management not required as its SaaS

  • Excellent support

  • Easy UI/UX - less training requirement

  • Product updates every month


Ops Team

  • Automation and bulk uploads make life easier

  • Rich MIS

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Let's hear from Our Customers what they say about us

Comfortable Pricing - Pay as you grow model

Plan according to your needs you can customize your plan

LMS Pricing

Per million POS per day

~ ₹3

Contact US

Other Peripheral Systems

Per user based pricing

Contact US

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Are you a Software Vendor in Lending SaaS Ecosystem?

Looking to integrate with Synoriq LMS? 

Checkout why LOS vendors are integrating with Synoriq LMS. 

Are you a CXO of a Bank, FinTech or NBFCs?

Download 12 step tech strategy to handle the growth for next 5 years


Consult with Synoriq Experts

Have any questions? Reach out to us for a product demo, friendly chats, business partnerships and collaboration

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